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Art logistics

What would the world be without art, without our many pictures and sculptures, graphics, prints and photographs, and without all the works which have been created by artists' hands? Many pictures were created at great effort, while others only with a brush stroke. But all have something in common: They are unique, and must be secured and cared for accordingly.

Art must be secure – this applies to storage and transport. Paul v. Maur has established art transport, storage and logistics over the last 40 years into one of its strategic pillars. Customers from all sectors, such as galleries, museums, private and institutional art collectors, trust the services, quality and performance of Paul v. Maur.

As a traditional company with experience and expertise, we place great emphasis on individual care for our discerning customers. Art is valuable, and must be handled as such. We take great care with art. Our art specialists are responsible for this. They not only care for your art, but also advise you professionally and in detail.

Our international contacts offer not only national, but also worldwide services. We work with first-class partners who have as much of a heart for art as we do. more

Send us your requirements by e-mail, or give us a call..

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Send us your requirements by e-mail, or give us a call.

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