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Consulting / planning

Your company is thinking of moving

It makes sense to plan this site change carefully, and to work on a customized concept to meet your company's needs.

Any interruption to operations should be kept as short as possible. Operations must not be disrupted.

This is true for production, administration and, generally, everywhere.

- Your production must continue without disruption.
- Your customers must be served without being impacted.

No problem for our planning team.

We work with operating moves all the time.

First we would like to determine your requirements during a meeting. We will advise you of the measures which are involved with a move.

We begin by setting up a project team, training, and determining the current situation, taking inventory, and producing layout plans, office layout plans, facilities management, creating the entire logistical plan all the way through to implementation.

Also, after successful operations moves, we offer you our change services for layout planning or facility management.

We work with the most modern data technologies such as CAD systems and barcodes.

Years of experiences in libraries and archives, as well as operational moves and many kinds of companies, theaters and museums, guarantees your company smooth site moves.

Examples of our skills: Site change for Badenwerk AG, Karlsruhe, the German Library, Frankfurt, and the Freiburger Theater.

Have we piqued your interest?
Stellen Sie uns Ihre Aufgaben.

Please do not hesitate to call on our consultants.
Send us your requirements by e-mail, or give us a call..

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