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Office and company moves

Professional project moves, whether during the day, overnight or on the weekends are a particular strength of our company. Our services are not only concerned with physically moving from A to B, but can be customized to your requirements for consulting and planning services. Using our modern moving equipment (ramp facilities, IT roller containers, file carts, standard furniture movers, etc.) we can accomplish your major moves quickly and rationally.

Our wide range of services includes the following:

  • Document storing

  • archival moves

  • Consulting

  • Operations storage

  • Library moves

  • Office space planning

  • Office moves

  • Facility management

  • Employee moves

  • Heavy transport

We carry out all work professionally, so that your company experiences as little downtime as possible. You will not be impacted in your daily work, thus saving salary and wage costs..

Benefits to working with Paul v. Maur are clear:

  • Skilled partner

  • Detailed consulting

  • Structural planning

  • Custom solutions

  • Complete all work as quickly as possible

In all the work we do for your company, we always provide the following:

  • Qualitiy

  • Skill

  • Economy more


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