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Worldwide moves

When transporting your furniture overseas, it is important to pack properly and use the right packing material, as well as to have contacts with moving companies as international partners. Years of experience in overseas moving as well as constantly trained staff and high-value packaging materials ensure smooth, professional moving. That is why you need to pay special attention to your choice of a moving firm, especially in this sensitive area.

Our goal is to pack and load your items in such a way that even if they must be transported for weeks, and undergo frequent climate changes, they will arrive without damage. We use specially-developed packing material for many objects such as mattresses, lamps, electrical devices, hanging clothes, etc. which ensure safe protection for your moving goods. In addition, we are able to prepare wooden crates from our own carpentry shop for objects which are especially sensitive. These include, for example, paintings, sculptures, clocks, dishes, antiques, etc. We provide the best care and transport safety to protect these objects.

We are a proud member of the worldwide HARMONY Relocation network. Harmony is the largest commonly branded global network of relocation companies. Our network (founded in 1992) consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, serving 180 countries across 6 continents, providing the same level of high quality services, local expertise and personal commitment. All our members are co-owners of Harmony Relocation Network.

And by the way in Wurttemberg, Paul v. Maur is the only FAIM certified moving company.FAIM is the Qualityprogramm of FIDI (Federation de Demenageur Internationaux). Our FAIM-certified partner companies, who like us are accredited by the FIDI, the world association of furniture forwarders. As a FAIM accredited mover of FIDI we are linked to around 700 partners worldwide. Our range of services leaves nothing to be desired and consists of the following:

  • "Door to door moving" globally (by air and sea)

  • Small shipments worldwide (air and sea)

  • Moving within other countries or internationally

  • Domestic and international furniture storage

  • Insurance service

  • Implementing domestic and foreign customs clearance

  • Handyman service, domestic and foreign

  • Truck equipment, domestic and foreign

  • Global relocation service

We move your items safely to any place in the world. We care for you throughout the entire moving process. We are there at the start, discussing the right ways to send your moving goods "on a good trip."

Your moving goods can be shipped by sea or air freight, which strongly depends upon elements such as the amount sent, sending quality or need for urgency. Within sea freight, there are options such as container, liftvan or crate loading. Liftvans are wooden boxes which are outstanding for forwarding smaller volumes of moving items. There are three standard liftvan sizes (2, 3-1/4 and 5 net cubic meters), which can be combined in any desired fashion.

Also, our own carpentry shop can make special liftvans.

One can choose between 20 foot containers (33 cubic meters), which offers the volume of a 2 or 3-room apartment, the 40 foot container (66 cubic meters), which holds the volume of a 4-5 room apartment or a small house, or the 40 High Cube container with a capacity of 78 cubic meters.

In order to ship your moving goods by container, we generally recommend consulting and taking inventory, which is done by one of our specially-trained moving consultants. They can answer questions you may have about transport vessels and size, packing materials needed and packing times, special packing and handyman services before the offer is given. This makes it possible to discuss your individual offer, which is fit to your personal desires and needs. In addition, our moving consultants can answer your questions about the moving process, duration, insurance, customs clearance and much more. During the discussion, we give you country-specific moving maps for your move and the receiving country, which give general information on topics such as insurance, as well as country-specific information in regards to customs fees, customs documents and further information.

This applies as well to forwarding by air. Forwarding goods by air is especially suitable for small shipments and moving items which must be available especially quickly at the receiving site. Air forwarding is not always more expensive than sending by sea, which is particularly true for small shipments with a volume of only a few moving boxes.

Ask for our documents about your overseas move. Our moving consultants will be happy to work with you, take inventory and create a cost-effective offer for your move.

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